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House of the Dead (Movies Based on Games Month)

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Paul and Corey are attacked by yet another horde of zombies. Only this time, if they make it out alive, they may have to fight an even more deadly adversary. The director/boxing champion Uwe Boll.




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Director’s Showcase: The Fly “1986” (David Cronenburg Month)

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It’s the start of a new month, which means it’s time for B-Movie Paul and Phantom Dark Dave to pick a new director. This month, they’ve chosen the master of “body horror” David Cronenburg. Enjoy this review of “The Fly” from 1986.

Pom Pom Girls (Sexploitation Month)

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Fast cars, high school drama and football. Will Paul and Corey survive this onslaught of teenage bullshit? Find out during this review of “Pom Pom Girls”.


Director’s Showcase: Freaks (Tod Browning Month)

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B-Movie Paul and Phantom Dark Dave conclude Tod Browning month with a review of his controversial film “Freaks” from 1932.

Repo! The Genetic Opera (Drug Month)

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The Repo man is out to repossess Paul and Corey’s organs. Can they escape his wrath in time to review “Repo: The Genetic Opera”? Find out now!

Director’s Showcase: London After Midnight (Tod Browning Month)

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In this week’s episode of Director’s Showcase, B-Movie Paul and Phantom Dark Dave review Tod Browning’s famous lost “London After Midnight”. As Tod Browning month Continues.

Evil Bong (Drug Month)

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Paul and Corey get transported to a deadly strip club and it’s up to Tommy Chong to save them. Will they escape in time to review “Evil Bong”? Find out now.