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B-Movie Interview: Hilton Ariel Ruiz (Zombie with a Shotgun)

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An interview with Hilton Ariel Ruiz. The creator of the mini-series, comic and soon to be movie “Zombie with a Shotgun”


Poultrygeist (Bird Month)

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B-Movie Interview: Kyle Hestor (Preacher 6)

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An interview with veteran film maker Kyle Hestor, where we discuss his new film “Preacher 6”.

Pokemon Sun “review” – Part 1 (First Impression)

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B-Movie Paul gives his first impressions on “Pokemon Sun”. More to come as he progresses through the game.

Night of the Were-Rooster (Bird Month)

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Paul and Corey must defeat a half human, half chicken monstrosity if they are to survive their viewing of “Night of the Were-Rooster”

Presidential Election 2016 results/ aka “The Great Butt Hurt of 2016”

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Just a few thought on the U.S. presidential election results and the resulting backlash from the outraged media.