Hypothetical Movie

Hypothetical Movie: Herbet West Goes To Casablanca

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Hypothetical Movie: Herbet West Goes To Casablanca

Hypothetical Movie: Herbert West goes to Casablanca

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Paul, Corey and Dave discuss a hypothetical scenario in which Herbert West from the film “Re-animator” enters Rick’s Cafe from the film “Casablanca”. How would this film play out?

Hypothetical Movie: Jaws 19

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Paul and Corey are joined by Brian Crawford of the River’s Edge Network to discuss the movie from Back to the Future Part 2 Jaws 19. what could it have been and what has brought us to this point in the Jaws series. Listen in for some fun and good times. Happy Back to the Future Day!

Hypothetical Movie: The Curse of Rambo

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Corey pitches a movie idea to Paul and special guest Steve of the podcast Bad Culture Crew. What if Rambo where actually a slasher?