The Invisible Woman (Extra Review)

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A special review of “The Invisible Woman” as part of “Sequels to Universal Monsters: Vol 2”.

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Hypothetical Movie: Herbert West goes to Casablanca

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Paul, Corey and Dave discuss a hypothetical scenario in which Herbert West from the film “Re-animator” enters Rick’s Cafe from the film “Casablanca”. How would this film play out?

B-Movie Chat: Kaiju films (with Fuzzy Mickael)

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A chat about Kaiju (Giant Monsters) movies with Fuzzy Mickael of http://www.cinemania.co/

B-Movie Chat: Black and White Film vs Color Film (With Dave DuBose)

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A discussion about the positives and negatives of black and white films, color films, and a bunch of other random topics. Guest; our horror corespondent Dave Dubose.