B-Movie Reviews

Peter Rottentail (Polonia Brothers Month)

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Paul and Corey must escape the wrath of a magician re-animated as a giant murderous rabbit.


Splatter Farm (Polonia Brothers Month)

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A summer vacation at a secluded family farm turns deadly, as Paul and Corey’s must survive the onslaught of their blood thirsty cousin and Sexual depraved aunt.

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Spider-Babe (Sexploitation Month)

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Paul and Corey are saved from a group of stereotypical muggers by a sexy Spiderman rip off. How will this bizarre and erotic adventure end. Find out in this review of “SpiderBabe”

Gorotica (Sexploitation)

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Paul and Corey enter a lair of drugs and necrophilia… How are they going to get themselves out of this predicament. Find out in this review of “Gorotica”.

She Wolves of the Wasteland (Sexploitation)

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In a post apocalyptic desert world. Paul and Corey find themselves in a world where they appear to be the only remaining men left. Sounds awesome right? Well it would be if the women weren’t all trying to kill them. Find out how they escape this predicament.