The Exigency: A hidden treasure buried within the sea of films that is Amazon Videos.

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The Exigency (2019)

Exigency is a fun, unique science fiction film created using 3D animation. It tells the story of Kyle or Ander, a retired war hero from the planet Gallesha whose forced back onto the battle field after his new earth family is taken hostage by the evil Tyrant Diederick. The characters are likable and Kyle serves as a sympathetic and relatable protagonist, struggling to do right by both his family and his people. The graphics, while outdated by todays standards give it a unique style appropriate for a low budget sci fi action film as well as a charm that only those around during the PS2 era will fully appreciate. The story is rather straight forward, rarely deviating from the formulaic stoic heroes story that’s been told countless times and the tone of the over all film can feel somewhat inconsistent. Still, Exigency is an entertaining movie with plenty of fun sci fi action for any fan of the genre to appreciate. It is without a doubt one of the hidden treasure buried within the sea of films that is Amazon Videos.




Help support the show:…Z-VgOA80IUN-Bjx9W

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