Out of Frame (Requested Review)

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A requested review by Oneiric Omnestar

Thank you for the support!

On the verge of international fame, Damien Drake walks away from his dark photography of staged death scenes dubbed, ‘The Death Series.’ A year after his withdrawal, he reemerges as a fine art photographer under the guidance of savvy promoter, Lorna Hagen. Despite Lorna’s best efforts, Damien’s new work ‘The Voyeur’ suffers public rejection. As Damien struggles with his commitment to Lorna’s vision, John Godewynn, a man from Damien’s past and the biggest fan of “the Death Series,” returns hellbent on seeing Damien go back to his old creative work. John’s deadly push sends Damien into a spiral where he must choose to submit to the vision of what others perceive or to finally pick up the camera and create the dark “beautiful” images that only he can capture.

Written by Oneiric Omnestar

Twitter: twitter.com/BmovieBros

Minds: www.minds.com/Bmoviebros

facebook: www.facebook.com/bmoviebros/?ref=…t_homepage_panel

Help support the show: www.paypal.com/donate/?token=dp0…Z-VgOA80IUN-Bjx9W


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