Homicide McLeod (Review)

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What happens when you combine aliens, gangsters in Cthulhu hats, talking blow up dolls and a detective with anger issues so severe that he makes Dirty Harry look like Gandhi? You get the 2017 Action/ comedy film “Homicide Mcleod” by Born Scared Studios.

The only word that can accurately summarize this film is anarchy. Complete and total anarchy, with each scene managing to be more bizarre and shocking than the last. The story follows the antics of detective Homicide Mcleod as he sets out to stop a perpetually constipated drug lord in order to save his father, who was abducted by aliens. All the while simultaneously parodying common cliches from both 70’s blacksploitation films and old detective noir films, by running wild with them to the point of hilarious absurdity. Despite the seemingly disconnected events that make up the plot, the film manages to somehow come together in a coherent manner that can only be explained through divine intervention.

Homicide Mcleod is a born badass in the most literal way imaginable. His kill count began before he could even speak, after he gunned down a hardened mob boss in order to save his father’s life. He grows up to become a man with an irrational and incurable rage. His character parodies the “cop who doesn’t play by the rules” archetype, taken to the point where he doesn’t think twice about blowing someone’s head off for looking at him the wrong way. He has no regard for the law or human life in general.

Keeping up with the chaotic nature of the Homicide Mcleod Universe, blow up dolls appear as characters almost as often as humans, making the film look like a discount Muppet movie. The laws of nature could be discarded at random given the situation.

The few special effects shown throughout the film were intentionally cheesy and played for laughs in a manner that any seasoned B-Movie fan can appreciate. The film is self aware enough to take advantage of it’s limited resources to play up the absurd elements going on throughout the story.

The score consisted of a mix between hard rock and 70’s funk music. This range of blended decades of music in the course of minutes, which was both fun and further stirring the pot of chaos that is Homicide Mcleod.

For any B-Movie fan who isn’t offended by gratuitous violence and have a healthy appreciation for cheap, low budget antics, then Homicide Mcleod is a film to check out. Just don’t piss him off, if you value having a head above your neck.




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