Written Review: For Her (2017)

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“For Her” is a short horror film by Director Daniel Young and Viral Films UK. The film follows the progression of a relationship between a young couple. What begins in the style of a romantic comedy, progresses into chaos before reaching it’s bloody climax.

The film revolves around a young man named Jonathon. Jonathon is seemingly good natured guy, whose undertake the responsibility of taking care of his bedridden girlfriend Elizabeth. As the narrator of the story, the film is presented through Jonathon’s perspective, essentially putting the audience in his shoes.

The relationship between Jonathon and Elizabeth slowly deteriorates as the film progresses, transitioning from endearing affection to annoyance and contempt. This deterioration is exacerbated by the growing severity of Elizabeth’s illness and her increasing dependency on Jonathon. The stress of caring for Elizabeth takes its toll Jonathon, causing him to question his own motivations. Meanwhile, Elizabeth’s attitude towards him changes from that of gratitude to aggression and self entitlement. A darker side of her personality unfolds through her actions towards Jonathon. Conversely, Jonathon’s personality develops through direct interaction with the audience via narration. This provided a greater understanding of the two characters. Both as individuals as well as in relation to each other.

As the film progressed, the care Jonathon showed towards Elizabeth has decayed from unconditional love to conditioned servitude. Losing all rationality and perspective he began unquestionably committing acts violence at Elizabeth’s will. He is exposed as weak willed and reliant on others for direction. By the end of the film, serving Elizabeth becomes his sole reason for living. He exist only “For Her”.

At a run time of twenty minutes, “For Her” covered a wide range of themes. Each scene builds off of the previous one in a manner that felt natural and kept the story moving at a consistent pace. It neither felt rushed nor slow.

Anyone expecting an unrelenting blood bath may be disappointed, as the gore is conserved for only a few scenes. However, the visceral effects that were present were done well enough to satisfy seasoned horror fans.

Overall, “For Her” provides a terrifying glance into the darker sides of relationships and the savage nature of love.

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