The Curse of Blanchard Hill (2006)

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This movie is so forgettable that I’m having trouble coming up with anything to say about it. The plot revolved around an area in the woods called “Blanchard Hill”, that was cursed by the restless souls of a native tribe. The souls would possess people who entered the woods and have them kill any white people they encountered as revenge for how they treated the natives in the past. The story has potential, but the execution is extremely poor. Most of the scenes have little to no connection to the plot and are nothing more than filler intended to extended the length of the film to full length status. It’s obvious that the film crew had little to no budget while making this movie so they were unable to really include any nature related deaths. This resulted in the film looking more like a typical demonic possession story told poorly. The themes and moral lessons present in “The Curse of Blanchard Hill” are heavy handed and come off as trying to hard. There’s really no point in watching this movie, unless you plan on sleeping for an hour and fourteen minutes.

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