Screamers (1995)

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As a huge fan of the works of Philip K. Dick, I was excited to find out that a film adaptation of his story “Second Variety” had been made. I wasn’t expecting a completely faithful adaptation to the original story. I had already seen “Blade Runner” which was very different from “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”, yet it still ended up being a fantastic film. Unfortunately, Screamers plays out like a standard Sci Fi action flick. Doing very little to establish an identity of its own. A group of humans attempt to survive against some kind of hostile, non human force. In this case, the non human force consisted of war machines, which use their built in blades to chop up enemies without mercy. Originally created by the military, these “Screamers”, named for a screaming noise they make before attacking, went rogue and began attacking indiscriminately. We soon find out that the Screamers come in various forms. Some of which look like humans. It also turns out that a mysterious third variety of Screamers exist, but the humans can’t identify it due to lack of data. This leads to mistrust between the group as they begin accusing each other of being Screamers. From that point on, most of the characters die, either from killing each other or from being killed by the Screamers themselves. It turns out that one of the group members actually was a Screamer the whole time, but by the time we learn who was, it really doesn’t matter. The big reveal only serves to create a final conflict before the movie ends and there really wasn’t much evidence to suggest that this character was a Screamer It really could have been anyone and not made a difference to the plot. “Screamers” is by no means a bad film. The action and violence is fun and impressive consider the low budget that this movie had to work with. However, there really isn’t much that this movie has to offer that you wouldn’t find in any other Sci Fi action film. It’s not a waste of time, but it’s also not the best way to be spending your time either.

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